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Same same, but different!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

When looking to implement any form of positive lifestyle change, it is all too easy to overlook the small efforts, that can often make the biggest difference.

Dramatic changes, though not to be downplayed, often don’t have the same subtle, cumulative advantages as those little adjustments do.

Take the ‘4 almonds a day’ concept, for example. The net nutritional benefits of this small, daily habit goes a long way to showing that healthy eating isn’t always about the overhaul.

Further evidence of this theory, might come in the shape of your morning smoothie.

With a few carefully chosen 'added extras', such as a small dose of Black Seed oil, for example, a simple breakfast blend has huge potential to go beyond its standard health-giving remit.

In very small doses (just a few drops initially), the collective advantages of this oil’s mineral contributions means it is up there with some of the most low-effort habits we can adopt with our health in mind.

The Blessed Seed oil is rich in calcium, potassium and iron, as well as other vital minerals and amino acids. The brand produces only 100% pure virgin quality cold pressed black seed oil (normally over 4% of which is essential oil) with no additives.

Advocates of this oil will attest that a little goes a long way, and given that the taste is subtle in such small doses, it's an addition worth considering if you're keen to make your 'same same' just that little bit different, from a nutritional perspective at least!

Full details on dosages and contraindications should be checked before using this food supplement.

Sponsored by The Blessed Seed.

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