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Social Distancing Picnics are the new going out

In the interests of maintaining social distancing, picnics in the park have become the new going out, and what a perfect substitute they are proving to be?

Coffee shops, bars and cafes - though much missed - just don’t have that same casual, al-fresco, all-you-can-eat-and-drink vibe, and this is exactly why the trend looks unlikely to dwindle in popularity any time soon.

As such, we’re all ears to those perfect picnic hacks that might be a way to amp up our blanket brunches in the coming weeks, particularly with today being the start of National Picnic Month!

By all accounts, picnics are what Moorish do best. Made from naturally and gently cold-smoking chickpeas, Moorish hummus is the perfect complement to any hamper, providing the ideal condiment for dipping, dunking and spreading at your leisure!

The best bit, above all, is that Moorish hummus is a good source of protein and B vitamins, which at a time when we need all the nutritional support we can get, makes it well worth stocking up on.

Why not partner their smoked hummus with vegetable crudités, tortillas, or in a wrap, and take full advantage of the excuse that National Picnic Month gives to do lunch (and socialising) a little differently!

For more picnic inspiration from Moorish' Founder Julie and Charlotte Pike, why not check out episode 9 of the Pandemic Pantry Podcast, which has plenty of ideas for outside eating, with lots of VIP foodie guests, competitions and useful tips across the series.

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