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Some see a WEED...we see a WISH!

Updated: May 19, 2021

To most of us, the dandelions popping up anywhere and everywhere at the moment are little more than nuisance weeds.

From a different perspective though, this pesky ‘weed’ a WISH!

A chance to pin a dream or vision on something tangible, which by virtue of nature (and maybe a little magic), might then come to fruition.

This emblematic value admittedly tends to fade with advancing years, but luckily the dandelion’s saving grace doesn’t end with whimsical wishes drifting off into the middle distance!

In fact, the metaphor owes just as much to the deeper - yet less recognised - role these ‘weeds’ play in helping other plants around them to grow, by subtly shifting nutrients in their favour.

With this in mind, we’ve used the inspiration that is this everyday garden muse, to try and re-frame the ‘weeds’ in our everyday life.

By giving the annoyances and imperfections the benefit of the doubt, that they might serve some deeper purpose than first impressions imply, their hold over our mood and emotions can somehow be lessened.

Not only this, there’s the far-fetched but nonetheless appealing promise, that by letting the small things go... bigger and better things might potentially (and eventually) fall into place and take seed! #letitgo

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