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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

There aren’t many things that drop through the letter box that could be classed as ‘exciting‘, but if there was ever one exception to the rule…THIS. IS. IT.

Freshly ground coffee, direct to your doorstop, is one of the legacies of lockdown that still - to this day - holds a special place in my Americano-loving heart!

Whether your brewing method of choice is Cafetière, filter or aeropress, Chimney Fire Coffee speciality roasters have all the freshly grounds, beans and pods you’ll ever need to keep your mornings and work-from-home days running on a smooth (yet mellow) continuum!

Chimney Fire are a B Corp™ certified company who work directly with coffee farmers, cooperatives, and exporters to ensure their products are environmentally sustainable, as well as guaranteeing all orders are delivered in recyclable or compostable packaging. They donate a portion of their profits to Re-Cycle charity, who refurbish bikes in the UK and ship them to Africa, contributing to improving health, education, and social mobility in remote communities.

With a coffee to suit every taste - from the ‘Peru Classic Espresso’, to the ‘Columbia’, to the ‘El Salvador’ - Chimney Fire is the one-stop-shop for today’s distinguished coffee-drinker, for many of whom, it’s a passion that is so much more than mug-deep!

In such cases, where coffee becomes about the feeling just as much as the ’fix’, it inevitably evolves that the kettle-to-cup of everyday preparedness is as hard to resist, as it is to relinquish.

For this reason, it’s a definite ’hurrah‘ from me for hot-drink season, and indeed for the daily grind that helps make these mug-in-hand moments of mindfulness, so much sweeter!

Sponsored by Chimney Fire Coffee

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