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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

If there’s one way to draw a line under the fairer season, and brighten the tone of an otherwise decidedly autumnal-looking outlook…it’s by furnishing the day-to-day, with some choice souvenirs of summer!

From dried flowers…to printed holiday photographs, these receptacles of sun-drenched emotion, can help drip-feed our gloomy autumn reality, with the light relief it so often needs!

For both mindset AND mood, this effect is invaluable, and the reason we’re clinging onto summer’s many leaf-shaped legacies for all they’re worth!

Considering this one was gifted by a treasured friend, the value is even more than the sum of those fragile, floral parts, through which the July High lives on yet!

With sentimental and sensory appeal in equal measure, summer‘s salvage is helping us in our efforts to defy the dreary, and has understandably earned pride of place… both on our door, and in our ‘things to smile about’ armoury!

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