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T’is the season…to eat ALL the vegan cheese!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

When it comes to Christmas food, there is nothing quite so tempting, or likely to feed the festive feel-good, as a cheese board with all the trimmings!

This time-honoured tradition of playing cheese-grape-cracker jenga - preferably with your nearest and dearest - holds a special place in my heart… and not just because it’s doused in more nostalgia than the pudding is sherry!

Piecing together all the cheesy ‘components’ of this made-for-red-wine and movie-night medley - from the iconic Soft White (a cashew-based ’Camembert’ ) to the game-changing La Cotta - the creamery genius of New Roots was indisputable.

New Roots is a company founded in 2015 in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and coined by two young ethical vegans, who started experimenting with making milk from different nuts and seeds, and fermenting it in the kitchen of their farm house.

The range is evidence indeed that veganism today is more about opportunity … than it is omission!

An opportunity to make festive fare… fairer, and re-affirm what I’ve long believed - that arranging ‘picky bits’ on a board isn’t just dinner. It’s art!

An edible expression of an ethical wish, if you will, and the sole reason why this particular festive-loving foodie is DEFINITELY dreaming of a (soft) White Christmas… and some snow wouldn’t be half bad either!

Sponsored by New Roots

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