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Take the stairs, they said!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

It’ll do you good, they said.

Stairs might well be a hallmark of incidental exercise - much like getting off the bus a stop earlier, and other such pedometer-pleasers - but don’t underestimate the power of those little lifts, as well.

Some would call it lazy, but we prefer to look at it as energy-preservation - something that is important if you’re choosing NOT to rely on the aggregate gains of task-running, to hit that daily step count.

By avoiding unnecessary energy expenditure, the result is greater capacity for more concentrated, high intensity workouts, like running, a spin class or swimming!

If that’s what works for you, over and above the piecemeal approach of leveraging errands for exercise, then take the lift, by all means.

The lift (assuming it’s not packed, and that you’re not claustrophobic) is a chance to take a moment, breathe and re-centre.

This if your chance to level up… and we’re not just talking about getting to the top floor of lock n‘ store!

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