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TEA ME UP: ‘When all else fails, as it so often does, choose tea’

Image credit: Portfolio Cards / Roderick Field 2012

If you’ve ever found that stresses and setbacks seem significantly better after a brew, then rest assured…it’s not just a coincidence.

Tea is the ultimate problem-solver, mind detangler, and general all-round good guy of the hot beverages market.

Tea devotees everywhere will probably agree, a good brew is like Frizz Eaze for frayed nerves, and applicable in just as many head-dishevelling contexts.

From ‘bed head’ blunders, to those dragged-though-a-hedge dramas that no amount of coffee (the ultimate mind unboggler) can often help solve. When all else fails, as it so often does, choose tea. Come rain or shine, and not least when it’s too early for wine.

The reason for tea’s supreme street cred in this respect, comes down to its slightly paradoxical effect on our behaviour.

According to Andrew Scholey, a psychopharmacologist at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia ‘Tea is calming, but alerting at the same time,”

There aren’t many things that can be credited with such ‘polytasking’ abilities. Fighting the fires of stress and overwhelm, whilst simultaneously igniting those of positivity and can-do.

With such deliciously contrasting undertones, it’s no wonder that ‘kettle on’ is one of the knee-jerks of a nation, helping us all through the good, the bad, and the ugly. From unwelcome emails…. to more than welcome visitors!

So, if you’re looking for a solution for everything this day might throw at you, from catastrophes to’s in the bag! #teabag

Image credit: TEA Portfolio Cards / Roderick Field 2012

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