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The Cliché-Free Guide to Savouring Summer

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

There are many things that make summer fabulous – from the green green grass, to the blue blue sky…to quote George Ezra!

These are the seasonal showstoppers - the holy grail of halcyon living - to which

nature owes much of its long-standing links to ‘mindfulness’ and gratitude.

That said, with a one-tap world of 43.2k #bluesky images now in our pockets, 24 hours a day, the cloudless cobalt vista alone is perhaps less evocative - and less likely to have us surrendering our stresses - than a more nuanced approach to summer gratitude.

Luckily, summer plays host to a plethora of life-affirming micro-joys which, given half a chance, we should savour at every opportunity:

These include, but are not limited to:

1. Banana boat sun cream!!

2. The challenge of deconstructing a feast lollly to its chocolate core, without it breaking!

3. The glisten of the sun on a swimming pool… or the sea

4. The wall of hot air that hits you when you first step off a plane

5. New summer PJs

6. Coke from a glass bottle

Of course, it goes without saying that sunsets, sand-between-the-toes and bird song will never grow old. Nor will the temptation to #outofoffice caption our next view-from-the-plane photo for the benefit of the ‘summergram.’

However, with #simplepleasures reigning supreme in this post-pandemic era, it’s not so much the flamingo-shaped pool floats and #takemeback beach tipples that are encapsulating the joy of these dog days… but rather the buttercup-under-the-chin moments in which banal is finding both acceptance…and joy!

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