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The early bird catches…the world!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Holidays might well be all about lie ins, and the blissful absence of a morning alarm, but there is something about going against this out-of-office grain, that seasoned travellers swear by…and for good reason.

When staying in a new location, getting up and outside early - before the rest of the world has woken from its slumber - offers a chance to see, feel and experience more than what the post meridiem landscape permits.

The world before it’s had its first coffee, is calmer, softer, and more stripped-back beautiful than any photograph or ‘reel’ can ever really give credit for.

As well, it’s in the fleeting stillness of these precious ‘golden’ hours, when the mind is free to recalibrate uninterrupted, in readiness for the day ahead, that the truest definition of ‘me time’ is found.

It’s for this reason, especially, that tapping into our inner ‘early bird’, has potential to be so much more than a holiday health hack.

Applied to the everyday, it represents a trade-off of no-brainer proportions, fuelled by the overriding truth that sleep’s loss….is almost always life’s gain.

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