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‘The future of gyms is not quite as cut and dry as the digital fitness generation might think’

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Given the recent advent of home workouts, and all the noise surrounding ‘digital fitness,’ it would easy to start questioning the need for our gyms and fitness spaces.

That said, those who are already feeling the limitations of ‘blended spaces’ (homes, gyms and offices under one roof) will probably agree that the future of gyms is not quite as cut and dry as the ‘Zoom Zumba’ generation might think.

Far from us all being content to go it alone, the pandemic has pushed many of us to the point of actually WANTING to go to the gym, even if it’s a sentence we never thought we’d say.

Yes, the time and financial savings might be appealing, but very often not so much as the idea of seeing real people, and soaking up the unique and inimitable energy of a shared fitness space.

For whatever digital disruption and technology has beset the gyms this year, the fitness applications and connected devices trend is not mainstream (yet!)

Until then, we still need gyms.. and they need us!

📷 @fsmaidenhead (January 2020)

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