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‘The hot cross bun is a delight like no other!’

Updated: May 7, 2022

It’s hard not to get excited about Easter, when it comes with full permission to eat THESE for every breakfast and tea break between now and Tuesday!

Toasted. With butter.

And more butter! 🧈🧈

The hot cross bun is a delight like no other, and especially, in this case, when it arrives impromptu on your doorstep…with daffodils! (Thank you @jo.h.29 💕)

At the end of the kind of day that demands carbs - lots of carbs - a hot-cross surprise never goes amiss, and especially when washed down with lashings of hot, sweet caffeine, sorry… tea!

Couple this ‘snack win’ with an impending four days off, family time and a thankfully bright weather forecast 🌞, and it’s no wonder it’s not just the air that’s got a spring in it, but also our *partly* sugar-charged step!!

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