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‘The joy of basking in the sunshine is one that we’re being reminded to approach with care’

Updated: May 19, 2021

After the chilliest of starts to Spring, it’s safe to say most of us are looking forward to feeling some long-overdue sun on our backs!

Whether by escaping to sunnier climes, or simply making the most of the British summer, the joy of basking in the sunshine is one that we’re being reminded this Sun Awareness Week, to approach with care.

Sun safety is an area that is subject to many misconceptions, and for this reason, we’ve teamed up with UV protection specialists Sunsibility, to highlight some of the non-negotiables that we shouldn’t be stepping outside without this season!

Sunsibility’s range of essentials is designed to cater for men, women and children, with clothing and accessories that can help provide not just UV protection, but peace of mind as our social, fitness and even work lives move increasingly outdoors over the coming months!

All their products, including this hooded sun protective dress, compact umbrella and hat come with UPF50 built in, helping protect the parts of your body that suncream and standard clothes might not reach!

The Aria Hat, specifically, blocks 97.5% of ultraviolet rays, according to the Australian Radiation Protection Agency, while the Foster Grant’s Fashion Sunglasses feature MaxBlock™ lenses which guarantee 100% UV protection for your eyes. Team these stylish essentials with SUNSENSE Daily Face 50+SPF to enjoy extra safety and confidence when outdoors.

From beer gardens to the beach, staying safe has never been more of a concern or a priority, and by ensuring this vigilance spills over into caring for our skin and eye health…all that remains is to enjoy the season!

After all, it’s been a long time coming!

Sponsored by Sunsibility

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