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'The message of this year’s National Simplicity Day has never been more poignant'

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Something we might have noticed recently, is that the minutia of life (those things that once might have skimmed over our consciousness) have since become our anchor points.

Whether it’s walking the dog, sitting down with a coffee, or lighting a candle at the end of the day… there is a whole new significance to such simplicity, and to the moments of unassuming joy that punctuate our days.

Such is the gravitas of this realisation, that is has left a great many of us content NOT to go back to our ‘old lives’ - an admission we might never have conceded initially.

All this is what makes the message of this year’s National Simplicity Day all the more poignant. This day was coined by Henry David Thoreau, whose philosophy was that we scarcely get to experience true peace and quiet to gather our thoughts… and how right he was/is.

True to his advice of savouring more, and attuning to positive experiences (however small) as and when they happen, we’ve teamed up with Brownlow Bouquet, whose handmade, vegan soy scented candles are the perfect way to 'take a moment' whenever the need demands.

No longer defined by the strictest sense of the word, our 'homes' are now our 'every place.' The office, the gym, the coffee shop, ...even the spa, all under one roof. As such, developing the tools to signify each switch is all important!

In the latter case, just the very action of lighting a candle can be the physical cue we often need to down tools, and clock off into 'spa mode'. This is helped by the fact that each Brownlow Bouquet candle is carefully crafted to create just the right lighting and ambiance for a relaxing bath, home pamper session, or quiet night in.

As a wise person once said, the world turns on small hinges, and arguably one of the most important of these, is on our own front door! So today, and every day, let's not underestimate the simple pleasure that is...HOME.

Sponsored by Brownlow Bouquet

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