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‘The Plank offers many anatomical benefits’

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Anyone who’s ever attempted ‘The Plank’ before, will know only too well that this pose is deceptively brutal!

The ultimate test of strength and endurance - ‘planking’ is a workout in its own right, and one that comes with its fair share of health incentives. Many of these make it especially helpful in the context of these ergonomically-challenged, kitchen-table-working times, where alignment and mobility are consistently under threat.

This in mind, there’s never been a better case for putting our aversions aside, and committing to getting our plank on as often as opportunity allows.

As a useful,no-equipment-needed strength training pose, ‘planking’ offers many anatomical benefits. Specifically, it works the major abdominal muscles and so encourages proper form and posture, as well as building arm and back strength. Over time, this exercise can also help alleviate back problems - the bane of WFH life - by taking some much-needed pressure off this area.

For the correct form, the body must be perpendicular to the ground, with the stomach facing down and the torso elevated with either the elbows or hands.

The complexities mean that there are, understandably, many common mistakes with plank pose. For this reason, it’s worth seeking the advice of a qualified fitness professional before attempting this pose on the regular!

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