The return of…WANDERING! Is the joy of a summer stroll about the make a comeback?

It’s become one of the lost pastimes of the pandemic – the ability to stroll at leisure, whether around the shops, town, or through the park!

Prior to the restrictions of late, the freedom to wander without purpose or direction, was something we took great delight in exercising. Thankfully’s about to make a welcome comeback.

As we gear up for a summer of re-exploring, what we need, above all else, is comfortable footwear.

For comfort as well as style, Gumbies Australia-inspired Islander Flip-Flops are the perfect footwear for the job.

Made from recycled rubber and canvas, these eco-friendly flip flops boast a vibrant, contemporary appeal, coupled with high-comfort that allows our feet the freedom to BREATH... finally!

As a nod to the emotional relief being so widely echoed at the moment, shoes have arguably never been so poignant!

With low-impact at the fore, Gumbies products come in reusable, recyclable bags, as opposed to boxes which require more shipping space (and thus Co2). In addition, the company plant a tree for every item purchased.

By going the distance to help lower their emisions, Gumbies have made it possible for individuals of all walks (excuse the pun!) to take an active step in driving down their own carbon footprint.

Through strolling, errand-running, and everything in between, we’re officially making great strides in teaming this important business of sustainability, with the pleasure of leisure which this summer - in particular - holds much promise for!

Sponsored by Gumbies

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