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The surprising life lesson of… Chica Cherry Cola!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

You know that song by Savage Garden? The one where the lyrics are so fast the frontman scarcely appears to come up for air? (If in doubt, click here)

Listening to this song nowadays, I find it kind of funny how several decades is no barrier to being able to drop a ‘Chica Cherry Cola’ right on cue?

As for all the other words to this chart-topping hit…well, they seem more than a little unmemorable by contrast.

A maelstrom of mile-a-minute verse and chorus, the magneta-minutiae of which is mostly devoid of that same alliterative adhesive (the certain ‘zig-a-zig-ahh’ quality, shall we say) that seemed to make chica cherry cola 'stick' all those years ago.

Thinking about it, this rather random observation rather feels like a metaphor for the average day, month, year… maybe even life!

Full of moments that merge into one - but memorable for the often random handful that don’t!

This month, I’ve been conscious of really trying to listen to and remember more of these interstitial lyrics that pad out the best bits (the chica-cherry-cola moments) of each day, as though bubble wrapping them for posterity.

Part of this has revolved around taking more (or rather deleting less) photos, for I’ve deduced that even those accidental phone-in-the-pocket images which ‘clog up’ our camera rolls - they’re imbued with bigger-picture significance.

Without the orchestral contributions of all these split-second moments in time, I’m convinced the overall musicality of my days would be all the poorer.

Not only this, there’s every risk that without the drum-beat of chores and trivialities, those life-affirming ‘cherry cola’ moments - the moments when ‘this is what it’s all about’ abounds - well, they surely wouldn’t hit nearly so sweet a note!

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