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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Thanks to the mandated solitude of the last year, the habit of doing things alone, was an inevitably easy one to fall into.

Only now, are we really being reminded just how much sweeter the sights and sounds of the everyday taste, when on a palate of good company.

From sunsets, to sundowners. Movies, to meals! These are all examples of experiences that invariably go down so much more of a treat, when friends and loved ones are near.

Such are the findings of a study by Psychological Science (carried out with chocolate, no less), which indicated that sharing experiences, even with complete strangers, makes them feel more intense.

This is a reality that the last year has certainly helped bring to the fore, highlighting as it does, the extent to which we NEED that proverbial seasoning of the people around us, to bring out the flavours in the day to day.

That which we share, might be a holiday…or a home, but what it is, arguably isn’t quite as important as the bonds it helps form, the emotions it amplifies, and the isolation it takes away!

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