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WEAR IT PINK! Now’s the time to get those self-check habits back on track

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

If there’s one thing that social media is good at, it’s giving us the digital nudge that we sometimes need, to remember the things that we easily forget.

For example....the importance of regularly checking our boobs for lumps and changes.

It’s by no means new or unfamiliar advice, but that doesn’t make it any less likely to slip off the radar!

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all efforts are geared towards getting self-check habits back on track, in instances where busy life has perhaps seen them slide!

Thanks to today’s Wear It Pink Campaign, we’d consider ourselves officially ‘nudged’, and poised to spread the word on this important message.

Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink day is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK, having raised over er £36 million raised since 2002.

To support their continued efforts, we’re donating 50% of the profits from this sponsored post with Solbari - creators of the UPF50+ Women's Clothing - to Breast Cancer Now‘s ongoing efforts in the field of breast cancer research.

As part of the Wear it Pink campaign, Breast Cancer Now are encouraging everyone to sport their pinkest attire with pride…and help spread the word on being self-check savvy this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and beyond.

In the interests of ‘pinking up’ this post, we’re sporting the PINK Solbari Quarter Zip Top, complete with a set ‘Chelsea Boobs’ for good measure!

Made from natural cotton and bamboo, this candy coloured polo offers a unique combination of comfort and sun protection, finished with stylish, form flattering details. The fabric is naturally cooling, breathable and lightweight, making it ideal for those individuals with skin allergies including eczema and psoriasis.

If this post has inspired you to check in on your breast health, why not pass the nudge on by recreating your own ’Chelsea Boobs’ photo, tag 5 friends, and keep the proactive momentum going.

Sponsored by Solbari #ad

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