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Wednesday - THE best day of the week to either work from home…or take a day off!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Wednesdays are notorious for being a bit of a slog, to say the least!

So much so, in fact, that hashtag culture has no shortage of mid-week bandwagons - from #wednesdaymood to #humpdayvibes - to help us share in the challenges of powering through this steepest part of the seven-day hill!

Given the collective waning of vim and vigour leading up to ‘hump day’, it’s no wonder really, that today is apparently THE best day of the week to either work from home…or take a day off, if you can.

With research from Reader’s Digest highlighting that taking a Wednesday off, could actually help you recharge better than taking off a Friday or Monday, it certainly brings the virtues of that much hyped ‘long weekend’ into question.

This approach breaks the working week into more digestible sections, and flattens the peaks and troughs in our pace and energy output, to the advantage of productivity and focus.

That said, in the absence of being able to grey out Wednesday on the regular - let’s face it, it’s wishful thinking - the next best thing, is to ‘weekendify’ our Wednesdays, any which way we can.

☕️ A flat-white-to-go on the way to the office.

🧖🏻‍♀️ A post-workout-sauna, to top off the unwavering #wednesdayworkout routine.

🍕 @pizzaexpress ...because who can resist a discount code!?

These are just some of the simple nods to spontaneity, intuition and self-care - the cornerstones of the perfect weekend playbook - that can (and maybe should) transcend the Saturday-to-Sunday, if we’re to ultimately unpick the age-old ‘live for the weekend’ adage at source.

Only then, can Hump Day (AKA ‘the-day-that-gets-wished-away’) stand any real hope of gaining YAY-affixed status, let alone enticing the kind of energy and excitement that we deserve to feel more, than on a just a Friday afternoon!

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