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Welcome to the new-look Health Magazine

The new-look Health Magazine is now live at!

We decided after 13 years, it was time to shake off the ‘print’ image that had been with us since 2007, and instead embrace a new look that better reflected the ‘blogazine’ format that the title has evolved into in the last few years.

It is thanks to the help of @izzi_paints - who worked so hard to bring our vision to fruition - that the redesign is finally complete, after many months of ‘shall-I-shan’t-I?!’ deliberations during lockdown.

As was the case for many, this period of enforced down time proved a useful time for reflection, and although the change we’ve made is a small, superficial one, we feel it’s a significant one in the evolution of Health Magazine.

As the print magazine, gone digital, gone blog… we feel the new ‘image’ reflects the relaxed stance on ‘living well’ that followers of this account will know underpins the majority of our content.

The aim, as always, is to continue flying the flag for the #balanceclife, so if this so happens to be your hashtag of choice on the ‘gram... then H marks the spot for where to stop!

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