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When it’s a gold bag kinda day!!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Let’s just stop, and spare a hot minute to think about just how underrated small bags are, in the grand scheme of game-changing lifestyle tools.

Small bags - they don’t let you carry around excess baggage that you don’t need, like some hold-alls do.

They demand streamlining, and a ruthless approach to packing that ensures a weight off your mind… just as much as your shoulders.

Big bags, in contrast, allow for ‘every eventuality’ thinking, and make it possible to indulge the ‘just in case’ part of our brain that convinces us we need three lipsticks, two notebooks and 300ml of perfume…. when in reality, we don’t.

As the self-confessed Mary Poppins wannabe’s among us will probably confess, big bags are as much the bane of our lives, as they are the carrier of it!

They force us to shoulder significant stress and overwhelm, with I-swear-its-in-here-somewhere syndrome a common side effect of what happens when our accessories make the age-old mistake of giving an inch.

With our powers of decisiveness hanging in the balance of that all-important pocket-to-pouch ratio, it’s no wonder that summer holidays - with their obligatory uniform of cute clutches - can help squash this over-packing procrastination at source.

The result?

One credit card.

One hair band.

One paw patrol plaster.

Never has heading out been so easy, or so unlikely to end in a lost scrunchie-or-other, as when the miles-from-home-minimalism we so LOVE about holidays…is in the bag!

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