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WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY: ‘The greatest insights can come from losing our mind to the middle distance’

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Staring out of the window has long been associated with boredom and lack of concentration.

Reproached in almost every conceivable context - from schools to offices - it’s a trap we’ve been conditioned to prevent ourselves falling into… if for no other reason than to spare our productivity the pitfalls of that endlessly mesmirising blue sky!

Contrary to what the Productivity Police (aka.teachers, bosses) might think, however, some of our greatest insights can come from losing our mind to the middle distance.

Doing so is a proven way of allowing the more tentative, untapped parts of our mind to be better heard and explored. As an exercise in self-discovery, not to mention creativity, reverie is therefore not to be underestimated...nor resisted if the urge so demands.

Paradoxically, taking the time to look OUT, can succeed in helping us look INWARDS. As such, what strategic sky gazing can in fact amount to much more than wasted time, is a window of opportunity! As for what sort of opportunity, well... the sky is the limit, so they say!

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