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‘WINE MILES‘ MATTER: English wine is helping drive down the carbon footprint of our festive tipples!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

It’s getting to that time once again, when the annual rush to stock up on wine and fizz for the festive season, is set to get underway!!

For most of us, wine shopping largely comes down to knowing what we like, and liking what we know. However, as the ‘2020 effect’ causes more of us to think more sustainably, the issue of ‘wine miles’ has come to the fore. As such, the spotlight is now well and truly on English wines as a potential solution to enjoying a festive tipple, minus the *carbon* footprint!

Wines from regions like New Zealand and South Africa, though endlessly popular, would have travelled thousands of miles to get to you, therefore significantly lessening the green credentials of each bottle.

English wines, on the other hand, are not only subject to less ‘food miles’, but are also achieving international awareness for their superior quality. By buying UK wines, our money also goes towards supporting our agricultural producers, which can only be a good thing, especially right now!

Championing the virtues of extending this year's ‘locavore’ movement to our wine-buying habits, are the wine makers behind the Blackdown Ridge Estate.

The estate’s owner, Professor Martin Cook, is a passionate wine-lover who was inspired to create his vineyard when an Italian family friend and winemaker, suggested that the beautiful, serene south-facing slopes of Blackdown would be perfect for growing vines.

Blackdown Ridge grow Triomphe grapes for their smooth and mellow single varietal English red wine, as also have Sauvignon Blanc vines producing a crisp, fruity white wine.

The 10.5 acres of vines are nurtured throughout the growing year using an environmentally sensitive approach to viticulture that ensures optimum ripeness, yield and fruit quality. 

What this means, for those partial to a festive glass of red, for example, is not just an elevated taste experience, but also an extended understanding and appreciation of what it means to drink ‘mindfully’...with respect of both health, AND the environment.

Sponsored by Blackdown Ridge

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