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WOMEN'S DAY: 'We need help in feeling like ourselves again'

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Ordinarily on International Women’s Day, we’d be the first to jump on the empowerment bandwagon, and opine the eternal fortitude of the fairer sex.

Reality is, though, that this is a narrative currently lost on the many of us struggling to grapple a semblance of self... let alone the strength of a superhuman stereotype!

Truth be told, the grinding sameness and mandated domesticity of lockdown has left many of us feeling like strangers in our own bodies.

It’s a heart-sore admission, that actually what we need right now more than platitudes of 'you got this!' and 'bossing it' a bit of help!

Help, especially, in reigniting what confidence and motivation staying home (however essential it’s been) might have long snuffed out. Help, as well, in feeling like ourselves again, even in the absence of opportunities to do so.

In this most confronting of situations, we’ve teamed up with activewear brand Combat Dollies to create a starting point on this roadmap to seeing ourselves anew.

Admittedly, most of us have probably been wearing the same leggings on repeat for the last year, and even something as simple as switching up our lockdown wardrobe can be a small step back to ourselves.

Having been designed for both stretch and support, their colourful designs put a cheerful spin on comfort dressing, boasting a wide waistband for a flattering, confidence-boosting fit. As such, Combat Dollies are uniting as many women in fitness, as they are in comfort, tea and the simple desire to feel a little better, overall.

So, to all the perplexed women asking “where did I go?” - know that there is an understated alternative to the women’s day rhetoric. One that acknowledges strength in not having any, and credibility in owning this (completely understandable) exhaustion.

To this end, if the shield-wielding, power posing wonder woman is proving a tricky stereotype to relate to, try the tea-sipping, legging-sporting exercise procrastinator for size instead!

Sponsored by Combat Dollies

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