Adult Easter Egg Hunts (because who says kids should get all the fun!)

Easter egg hunts might well be most popular with children, but there’s nothing stopping grown ups getting in on the action as well this Easter weekend. Adult Easter egg hunts are a growing craze, bringing together the joy of camaraderie, conundrums and chocolate in what could be the perfect way to pep up your Easter Sunday! To this end, we teamed up with artisan chocolate makers Lady Cacao to devise the perfect interlude to a relaxing afternoon’s get-together with friends or family. Simply download and print the Egg Hunt Clues, pop each one inside a Lady Cacao easter egg box, and hide the boxes in sequence according to the answers.

The incentive of these decadent Easter egg prizes won’t fail to get everyone on their feet, which is a benefit in itself (if we’re talking health - not that we necessarily are this weekend!). Most importantly though, for those wanting to stay on the wellness radar, the eggs are 75% dark chocolate, and in some cases, vegan too, with no refined ingredients or preservatives. Continuing on the Easter fun (or for those who can’t get to take part in a real life egg hunt), we’ve set up a game of ‘spot the egg’ on our website. Simply head over to to take part. Sponsored by Lady Cacao