CALLANETICS: The 80's fitness phenomenon that is as relevant today as it ever was

November 29, 2019


If you were around in the 80s, you might remember the advent of the Callanetics exercise programme, created by Callan Pinckney.


The Callanetics system was based on frequent repetitions of small, precise muscular movements and squeezes, with the intention of helping improve deep muscle tone.


These deep muscles are what support the surface muscles, and the school of thought behind Callanetics is that strengthening them can lead to improved posture, and a range of related health benefits.


The founder of Callenetics - Callan Pinckney - apparently also recommended brightly coloured, figure hugging (not necessarily flattering) to help incentivise exercise, though nowadays this is entirely optional. 


Given the fundamental benefits of these exercises on posture and core strength, there’s still as much place for Callanetics today as there was almost 40 years ago.


In fact, the approach provides somewhat of a welcome, calmer contrast to the high octane workouts of today, many of which hinge on an adrenaline rush that is arguably already too much a part of everyday life, to then have pushed into leisure time as well.


Familiarising yourself with the Callanetics principles, therefore, might be a positive step towards evolving and improving your workouts, and more importantly in adapting them to the busy, stressful lifestyles that we all know can so easily be there undoing.


For more details visit the Callanetics website.



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