NEW EVENT: Love Yoga, 23rd February

February 3, 2020




When it comes to many things in life, ‘love’ often has a habit of falling by the wayside.


From work, to fitness, to food, it’s not uncommon for choices to come from a place of obligation and habit, rather than a space of passion.


When we look closely at our habits - and the planet for that matter - we might well therefore ask the question... ‘where IS the love?’ 


Later this month, we’ll be hosting a ‘LOVE YOGA’ event, designed to help address this very question.


Through guided yoga flow and an introduction to everyday sustainability, this exclusive class is a unique way to rediscover not just a love of movement and fitness, but also a passion for a new and different way of living!



For a limited time only, you can get 15% off the ticket price by using code LOVE15


For more event details and tickets, click here.

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