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Sparkling Spring - the next best thing to ‘Fizz Free February’

Fizzy drinks - They’ve got a bad rep. So much so, that the month of February was dedicated to a campaign for giving them up. Fizz Free February was Launched by Southwark Council last year as a way to reduce your sugar intake, given that fizzy drinks provide an average of 29% of our daily sugar intake. While there is a solid scientific basis to this campaign, we think it’s not the ‘fizz’ per se that our diets could be better off without. Quite to the contrary, the sparkling element of some drinks can, in itself, lend to some pretty useful health benefits, including supporting digestion and boosting vitality through the psychological effects of fizz. Yes, the refreshment factor of something fizzy goes deeper than we might think, involving a complex series of reactions (involving enzymes, nerves and receptors) which create that distinctive, invigorating ‘popping’ sensation! As a way to regain buoyancy, a drink of something sparkling (assuming it’s water, and free from sugar) can therefore go a long way in today's busy lifestyles. So, what’s the best way to take on board the valid health message of ‘Fizz-free February’, without actually going fizz-free?

One way is with No.1 Rosemary Water. Made with pure fresh rosemary extract, and with just enough sparkle to boast a natural and refreshing ‘bite’, this deliciously unique botanical drink has set itself apart from the sugar/sweetener laden soft drink masses, not to mention put a new and exciting take on the otherwise lacklustre (but essential) beverage that is water.

The key ingredient - Rosemary - is a medicinal herb that has traditionally been associated with improving memory and the circulatory system, so besides being hydrating, there is potentially an extra health incentive to replacing your usual soft drink or water with a bottle of No.1 this spring!

Sponsored by No.1 Botanicals

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