'Lunch has never looked so lush!'

For the first time in a long time, many of us are NOT eating lunch in a hurry, hunched over a desk. Instead, we’re sat down, at a table, most likely taking our time... doing lunch the leisurely way!

Even the habitual lunch-skippers are getting in on the act, swapping working lunches… for lunches that work. Work to nourish, and work to satisfy.

Far from the grab-and-go grub days, those of us with time now to spare are relishing this opportunity to busy ourselves with meal prep, taking into account aesthetics, just as much as nutrition, both of which are now taking on a new importance as our priorities shift from productivity ... to health.

For some, this might mean batch cooking, recipe experimenting... and at the very least, pimping up your sandwiches with some simple tasty and decorative tweaks.