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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This summer’s fashion might be all about the colours, but in our efforts to jump on the ‘dopamine dressing’ bandwagon, let’s not overlook the power of that trusty old faithful… the LBD.

With a history of transcending seasons with its timeless versatility, The LONG black dress needn’t be resigned just yet in those wardrobe-mediated missions to ‘build back brighter.’

Instead, the classic noir number can be reinvented - perhaps with a few choice accessories - to perfectly suit even the ‘popcorn palette’ that this year has seen filter from catwalk, to board room, and all in the time it took to say ‘all restrictions lifted!’

The question is, just how do we afford the LBD a moment in the sun…without channeling the Christmas party vibes, or having to shoulder the heat absorbing side effects?

The answer?

Make it slinky, strappy… and out-of-character ‘happy’ with a smattering of storybook florals or bright accessories.

When crossed with such cut-outs and carnations, the black dress can slay the day with a stereotype-shattering summeryness that’s not just hot-to-trot… but pretty cool!

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