The subject of mental health is one that is close to many of our hearts, and thankfully one that is becoming much more commonplace in everyday conversation, and the media.

Ask most people if they would happily lend an ear to anyone in need, and the majority would say they are more than willing, particularly knowing the difference that just venting or sounding off another human can make.

As a means to communicate to our friends and family that we are there if they need us, Health Magazine has launched the 'I'm all Ears!' campaign, geared towards getting people talking and eliminating the feelings of isolation that can often magnify anxiety and depression.

Wear your t shirt and snap a selfie with the hashtag #youcantalktome, and see who you might be able to help this New Year!

The campaign will run officially from 21st January until 4th March 2019.

Artist credit: Maha.

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