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Autumn fitness

Top tips from the UK’s leading Personal Trainer and fitness author Matt Roberts

Moving into the autumn months often has a “back to business” feel to it and this is the attitude I like to encourage people to apply when it comes to their nutrition and exercise. Here are my top 3 lifestyle tips for this time of year –

1. Get a new goal – during the spring and summer months most people will have had a “beach body” or fat loss focus to their training and diet. Now that we are all back from our holidays it might be a while before most of us are stripping down to our speedo’s again, so it’s a good time to shift our attention towards something different.

For example, if running a marathon has always been something you wanted to achieve, now is the time to start laying down some solid foundations for a spring event. If you love to ski then autumn is a good time to start thinking about building in some sport specific exercises into your routine. Whatever you choose, give your motivation a boost by chasing a new goal.

2. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables – we all know how important it is to eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables and the autumn is a great time of year for lots of household favourites. Eating in line with the seasons is also a fantastic way to maximise the nutrient density of your food as things are grown and harvested at the times nature intended.

Look out for fruits like figs, pears, blackberries and clementine’s, and vegetables like swede, parsnips, Brussel sprouts and radishes. Additionally, you can look to add flavour to your meals with seasonal herbs like fresh basil, sage, chives and flat leave parsley.

3. Get outside while you still can! – Even though the seasons are shifting it’s still a great time of year to be outside. From an exercise perspective, the temperature tends to be more suitable i.e. not too cold and not too hot and the days are still long enough to squeeze in a workout before or after working hours.

From a lifestyle perspective, being outside is a great way to de-stress plus you have the bonus of the amazing colours that autumn brings. On top of all this, you also stand to get a good hit of vitamin D from the last of the sunshine, something that becomes increasingly more difficult as the winter sets in.

Read Matt's article in Health Magazine here:

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