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Maintain your summer body this autumn

Ah, Autumn, time to crank up the heating and hunker down until summer comes along again, right? Actually, whilst the days might be getting shorter and the weather decidedly chilly, it’s important to maintain your health and fitness throughout the Autumn/Winter - it will stop that panic to lose weight when Summer does come back around.

British and National Wrestling Champion, and Owner of Right Path Fitness - Keith McNiven tells us his 5 tips for maintaining your Summer body:

Set your goals.

We all know the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Give yourself challenging, but achievable, goal posts. Embrace the new season with an app like Goal Tracker, where you can plan for everything from losing weight to reading a book!

Change your outlook.

There’s nothing like a jog in Autumn, with the crunch of fresh fallen leaves under your feet. Getting outdoors for a fast walk or run will not only have physical benefits but emotional and psychological ones too, as you witness for yourself the glorious change of the British season.

Get kitted out.

The kids are all back at school decked out in their new clobber, so make a new start for yourself on the fitness front with some new training gear to motivate you. You don’t have to get a whole new work-out wardrobe, but opt for thin layers that will keep out the chill of the autumn air.

Make your own soup.

The salad season might be gone but rejoice because the soup season is here, and it’s a lot easier to make than you might think! Kale comes into season in September and is packed with nutrients and powerful antioxidants. To make, simply fry off some garlic in a little olive oil - add washed kale and any other green vegetables with vegetable stock and then simmer for 15 minutes before blending.

Switch your timetable.

If the darker nights mean you’re less inclined to exercise after work, change your routine by adding a midday workout. 30-minute high intensity blasts and one-to-one sessions with a personal trainer are achievable during your lunch-break.

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