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A healthy you, all-year round

Once the twinkling lights and the festive decorations are packed firmly away for another year, our minds go straight from decadence to detox. If you over-indulged during the festive season (and, let’s be honest, a lot of us will do!), then try not to worry, or to be too hard on yourself. Life happens, and it’s important to enjoy festive times of the year with family and loved ones – and that means saying ‘yes’ to cake every once in a while!

Of course, once we are into the New Year, we are often bombarded with new diets, exercise DVDs and ‘miracle’ cures for the muffin tops we gained over Christmas. However, try not to be fooled by these big, bold claims – if it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

Instead, why not look to some different ways to cleanse and nourish your body for a healthy you, all-year round? This is something I discuss a lot in my book The Balance Plan too. Follow these few simple steps, and you can shake off that Christmas excess, and come bounding into 2018 both looking and feeling your best.

Eat the Rainbow

Pile plates high with mountains of fruit and veggies of every colour imaginable. The more colour we eat, the more vitamins and minerals you will enjoy – I promise your bodies will thank you for it! Every day, try to eat your way through the rainbow, enjoying red, orange, yellow, green, and blue or purple fruit and veg to ensure you’re nourishing your body with all the goodness imaginable.

Spice of Life

Add a sprinkling of spice to your foods to pack in an easy flavour punch, and a powerful detox boost. I love to add cinnamon to all kinds of foods (especially morning smoothies or porridge) as it is a natural sweetener that can help to balance out blood sugars. I also love to use turmeric in foods (try a turmeric latte if you’re short on time) because it is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant.

Detox Warriors

Our mums always told us to eat our greens, and they were right! Every day, try to include large portions of leafy greens, AKA my Detox Warriors, in your meals. These foods include spinach and kale, which are fantastic to help detoxify and keep the liver healthy. They are also full of vitamins and minerals, and are anti-infammatory too!

Dry Body Brush

After one too many glasses of champagne, most of us will have duller, more dehydrated skin this January. However, show it some love – and detox the body at the same time! – with dry body brushing. Dry body brushing helps to flush out toxins (and ease cellulite), and can boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. Simply start by brushing dry skin before your morning shower, and work in gentle, circular motions, travelling upwards and towards the heart.


Staying hydrated is key for a healthy, detoxed body. By drink ing plenty of fluids (ideally filtered water, warm water with lemon, or herbal teas), you can support your body’s natural detoxification process, flushing out any nasties. It can also help to energise the body, and keep you mind focused and clear. Aim for at least two litres of water each day, keeping a BPA-free bottle by your side, if needed. If you really dislike plain water, try adding fresh fruit, a squeeze of citrus, or mint to flavour.

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