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Made in Chelsea star and vegan advocate Tiffany Watson discusses her passion for growing the vegan food and product industry and making it more accessible to the masses

What an amazing start to the year it has been! 2018 for me started on a boat on Sydney harbour with some of my best friends….it doesn’t get much better!

For those of you who haven’t been to Sydney it is a vegan haven! Every restaurant you go to caters for vegan, vegetarian and dairy free diets, and it’s not just the one option of risotto like a lot of places in England do. The food in Sydney is amazingly fresh and there is definitely something about being outdoors and in the sunshine that makes you want to reach for a salad instead of a comforting bowl of pasta. That being said I did go to Shift Eatery in Surrey Hills which is a completely vegan café that does the most amazing toasties. ‘Ham’, ‘Cheese’ and mustard hellllo. I had to stop myself from going there everyday and was rather grateful I discovered it towards the end of my month in Australia, rather then at the beginning! Another favourite was a place called Bodhi, an amazing dim sum restaurant where they do dishes such as peking duck, sweet and sour chicken and tempura prawns….all completely vegan!

Overall Sydney was such an amazing city and one I can’t wait to go back to. Travelling when you’re plant based isn’t always the easiest but it was no struggle in Australia and a complete norm.

Since being back in London, it’s been pretty non stop! I am excited to say I am the 2018 ambassador for POM Wonderful again which is really exciting. I love working with brands that I feel passionate about and really believe in so for me it’s a great one to be working with again.

Alongside that my family and I have been really busy with the lead up to our vegan restaurant opening. It has been so fun working alongside my family and bouncing ideas off one another. I think there is still a huge gap in the market for vegan restaurants in England that don’t have the stigma of just serving raw salads and juices and we are excited to introduce a place that we feel anyone would want to come vegan or non vegan!

As well as that I have been working hard on bringing out some new products for my vegan stationery brand ThreeSixFive. I was so happy with the reaction my first product the diaries received and the fact we sold out which I really wasn’t expecting that it made me want to bring out further products that are similar.

Although it may sound like I have a lot going on, for me my work doesn’t feel like work because I am so passionate about growing the vegan food and product industry and making it more accessible for people everywhere. Of course I have days where I feel completely overwhelmed, stressed out and worried but who doesn’t?! Whenever I am feeling this way I always try to make sure I take the time to do some yoga, or get a few hours of extra sleep…work is important but if your body is telling you it needs to rest then it isn’t lying and you should always listen to it. That being said I am off to Mexico next week for 5 days….nothing like a little bit of sunshine and relaxtion, plus exploring a new country! Exciting times.

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