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The importance of 'trolley time' 🛒🥑🌽

So many of us do online shopping these days, that we inevitably miss out on the benefits of perusing the aisles the old-fashioned way. With a trolley, a list and an open mind... A recent trip to Waitrose was an eye opener to the rate at which the health food market is changing and growing. . If, like many people, you do the majority of your food shopping through an app and a favourites list, then it would be easy for all the new innovations in food and drink to fall beneath your radar. As with most things, the ‘real world’ experience of food shopping can be far more inspiring, not to mention healthier in itself. After all, actually seeing and handling fresh produce allows you to select the ripest, freshest items - something that an online packer won’t necessarily have the same vested interest in. In addition, hitting the supermarket helps you to clock up some all important steps and detracts from the screen time it might otherwise involve, and all the wellbeing implications that come with it.

Yesterday was National Simplicity Day... a day to mark the importance of the small things, and supermarket trips - now often considered an inconvenience - would definitely come into this category. This isn’t to say you have to give up online altogether. Perhaps just make a once monthly, or weekly, commitment to a physical food shopping trip. As a research activity (you never know what you’ll find) and a mindfulness exercise, it’s something that could inevitably do us all the world of good! View our finds at here.

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