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Interview with: Lottie Murphy

What inspired you to start blogging? Describe your career/lifestyle beforehand? I started blogging because I loved reading blogs myself and wanted to start writing and sharing my own journey. Before getting into blogging and my Pilates teaching career, I was a ballet dancer and very into health and nutrition but I didn't really know how to turn it all into my "job." I trained to become a Pilates teacher and also loved presenting which is why I started my YouTube channel. It all then started to grow and build organically. 5 years later and I now can't believe I get to call it my job, I travel, teach retreats abroad, love every minute and spend my days teaching Pilates, writing and shooting. I feel very lucky. What is the premis behind your blog and how does it differ from other popular health blogs/vlog? I would say that I really do write from the heart. I keep lots of my life private but I do try to be as honest as possible and therefore feel I am quite relatable. I want my blog to feel like your best friend is writing to you. It's the same with my vlogging which is what I'm trying to get more into this year. As much as Pilates is a huge part of what I do and what I share, I also like to share a little insight into my lifestyle, where I eat, how I'm feeling, what I'm wearing, what I do while I'm travelling etc and at the same time inspire people without telling people what to do. I'm also a holistic health coach and although I don't currently see clients, I still thread it through everything I do. How do you run your blog alongside your other commitments? It was a lot of hard work at first, just trying to grow my audience as well as teach Pilates full time. I now have a great balance with work and life and don't put too much pressure on myself to do EVERYTHING! I post on my blog once or twice a week and write my weekly newsletter, I teach a comfortable manageable amount of hours and I try to switch off in the evenings and at the weekends. I know now when I'm taking too many projects on and have found the rewards of saying no. What do you enjoy most about what you do? Are there any perks? There are so so many perks. Meeting incredible people, being creative, being in control of your time and schedule, travelling, attending wonderful events, eating out at yummy restaurants and getting to hang out with my best friends most days. I enjoy every part of what I do, even the admin side. I think my favourite moments are on retreats though. Having an amazing group of like minded people hanging out together, eating nourishing food, hiking, doing Pilates, laughing and enjoying the sunshine. It's bliss! What would be your piece of advice to budding health and fitness bloggers? Just be you and share your journey, remember that anyone could be influenced by what you say so be mindful of that as what works for you might not work for everyone. Have fun with it and get to know other people in the industry. Don't start just because you want to be like someone else you follow or make loads of money from it. Be true to yourself and remember to switch off and have a life outside the blog too.

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