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Take your workout OUTSIDE

Today is Get Outside Day... a perfect reminder to make the most of these last sunny days before autumn well and truly sets in. 🍂  Exercising outside can be far superior to gym / studio routines for many reasons. Fresh air, nature, the absence of digital stressors (yes, even those gym TVs are adding to our screen time) all help to improve our wellbeing, and enhance the benefits of the exercise itself, particularly with regards to the mental/ emotional advantages. . Need more persuasion? Stepping away from the comfort of a studio or gym also forces you to switch up your regime. Without machines or mirrors for props, the way is paved for some new & exciting fitness discoveries! From running, to yoga, skipping, HIIT training, monkey bars (check out your local park)... even hula hooping. You’re body will thank you for the challenge (a change is as good as a rest!).... and who knows what new passion you might discover in the process!? After all, it’s not just our physical fitness environment which we can benefit from venturing ’outside’. It’s our comfort zones as well. #getoutsideday #running #mixitup #training #gardenfit #sunday #sundayworkouts #yoga #fitness #exercise #training 

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