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'Without balance, everything is off-kilter'

Amy Cousins is a Fitness, Food and Lifestyle Blogger at

What are 3 of your core health values?

  1. Self awareness

  2. Balance

  3. Commitment

What three actions define what it means to live by these values?

  1. Self awareness - Taking time to myself practicing both yoga and mediation allows me to observe and fine tune what’s really going on in my mind and my body.

  2. Balance - No restrictions. Everything in moderation - food, exercise and everything in between!

  3. Commitment - I try to stay consistent day in day out, week after week.

What three allowances do you afford yourself to avoid any conflict between values and needs?

  1. Rest - A non-negotiable factor. If I’m injured, unwell or exhausted, I will listen to my body.

  2. Expectation - Not setting the bar too high.

  3. Communication - Being as open, honest and frank in all areas with both myself and those closest to me.

What health asset do you value most and why? Balance. It sounds cliche, but it is so important. Without balance, everything is off-kilter. Balance helps to ensure you live a happy and content life whilst promoting both mental and physical growth. Everyone is different so this will of course be different for everyone and that’s okay. The key is to follow your own path.

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