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Bridging the gap between healthy and hearty

There’s no denying, food is an important part of self care. From a biological and an emotional perspective. Some foods have an ability to nurture wellness, whether by giving us the nutrition we need to be balanced in body and mind, or by working through our reward or memory systems to boost our mood and potential for relaxation. Food is amazing stuff, right? In an ideal world, the foods we eat will satisfy both of the above goals. But we all know how difficult it is to tick the nutrition and the comforting boxes when it comes to meal prep, especially when life leaves little time in the cooking department. Bridging the gap between healthy and hearty is My Cook Box, whose recipe and food delivery service gives you all the ingredients and direction you need to whip up an evening meal with a definitive comfort factor - without the ‘stodge’ and caloric burden. The box contains everything you’ll need, from the spices to the key ingredients, with no weighing or measuring... just follow the simple step by step instructions on the included recipe card.

Reader offer:

Get 40% off your first two boxes with code HEALTH40.

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