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Five minute fitness

With Christmas holidays now over, many people are focusing on getting back into a more healthy lifestyle for January. We’ve eaten our body weight in cheese and chocolate and feel ready to get active again!

But a lot of people make huge New Years resolutions and start scary and unachievable exercise regimens which are unobtainable for the long term. So I’ve put together my top tips for 5 mins fitness which can start you off on the right track and give you a sense of achievement to be able to progress into something bigger when you feel ready. 1. Walk wherever possible, all those little trips that you usually jump in the car for eg to the shops/ post office / coffee shop, try to walk there. This is a really simple but effective way to increase your activity levels and get your steps in. However I understand time is precious and lots of people use the car to save time. 2. If you work in an office or spend a lot of time sitting in your job, then get up every hour and move around. Take the stairs rather than lifts or escalators, get up and move in your lunch break - I would recommend getting some fresh air to help boost your energy as well 3. There are thousands of 5-10 min workouts online which you can look at and try at home. I have lots on my social media and you tube channel which my participants and clients do at home - it’s only 5 mins of your day and you just need a little space. 4. Where possible exercise in the morning, otherwise you're chasing the clock all day and will find you’ll run out of time. Again, many people say to me they do not have time but all you need to do is set your alarm 5 mins earlier and then have your trainers, sports bra and kit ready to grab so you aren’t wasting time trying to search for everything when you're half asleep. 5. If you start with 5 mins of something you enjoy, like dancing or yoga, then you are more likely to increase the time and stick to it. If you start with 5 minutes of exercise you dislike then it won’t be sustainable, so pick activities or exercise which make you feel good and that way you’ll increase your happy hormones at the same time as getting active.

Author credit: Kelly Reed

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