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Don’t skimp on snacks: it could affect your chances of sticking to those resolutions!

The snack/productivity equation is often an underestimated one. So what’s the truth about snacking? Should we... or shouldn’t we? Take any typical New Year’s resolution, and chances are... good energy levels will part of the key to fruition. Energy is all important. It is our spring board to new and better habits and behaviour. Without it, the ‘maybe tomorrow’ mentality can often prevail, consigning goals and ambitions to the back burner in the process. Whether the aim is to run 5k, train for a new career or up your sporting game, fuelling your body is first and foremost. What this essentially means is keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel... something that our modern lives are sadly not always conducive to. Here’s why: Besides caffeine and stress, one if the biggest blood sugar antagonists is irregular and unbalanced meals and snacks. We’re running on empty, and half the time we don’t even know it! If there is one thing, therefore, that can make the biggest difference to keeping blood sugar levels (and energy) on an even keel... it’s SNACKS! Many people avoid snacks, under the misconception that eating between meals is a ‘no,no’ so far as ‘healthy eating’ is concerned. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Regular healthy snacks, featuring protein and complex carbohydrates, can not only stabilise blood sugar levels, they can also provide valuable energy-boosting nutrients. Now we know the importance of embracing elevenses, the question is... what’s on the mid-morning (and mid-afternoon) menu? #SNACKSPIRATION Gregory's Tree fruit twist bars are made from pure organic fruit, which is gently heated, pulped and twisted. There is no added sugar, making these a great snack basic when coupled with some protein such as nuts, seeds or yoghurt.... even peanut butter! The packs are handy enough to keep a supply of in your bag, so whether you’re at work, running errands or off to the gym, you’ll be able to nip energy lulls in the bud before they threaten your game! Happy snacking!

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