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The healthy alternative to doing it all

The best way to be more productive and less stressed is to analyse your fear quotient and immediately half it. Fear hinders your productivity, and is the main obstacle to achieving what you want while directing you towards the incorrect belief that if you overwork and push yourself to the limit, life will somehow sort itself out.

It may help you to know that many people share the same concerns about balancing a healthy lifestyle and workload. Being overwhelmed zaps your energy and can have health implications. Feeling overwhelmed happens when the fear that we can’t do something, that we don’t want to give up on something, that we’re missing out on something, or a more general fear of the unknown overtakes us. The fear of how we are going to handle everything on our to-do list becomes bigger than our to-do list.

Productivity is the antidote to this fear. When you face the unknown head on, you achieve, you move forward, and you attain. When you’re in a cycle of productivity, the ambition to achieve far outweighs any fear or unhelpful emotion that may hold you back. The fear then slips away because you’re existing in your logical brain, moving forward and accomplishing in the present rather than worrying about the past and avoiding your future.

Top tips to move from a cycle of overwork and procrastination to a cycle of productivity include:

· Get a clear definition of what you want, and break it down into baby steps.

· Write these steps down and stick to them

· Remind yourself you are more than qualified to do the task.

· Put a stop to those inner voices, by accepting their message and then telling them that right now you agree to disagree.

· Remind yourself you have chosen this route, and that your plan is fantastic just as it is.

· Reward yourself with a treat after you have completed your original task.

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a Celebrity Life Coach. To find out more about how you can remove any fear that holds you back from your dreams go to where you can find out more about Sloan’s new book “Slap Fear In The Face”.

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