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‘Hydration becomes all the more important when exercising in very cold weather’

It’s a little known fact that exercising in extreme temperatures can enhance endurance and mental edge. That said, finding the energy & motivation to brave the elements in the first place is not always easy. This is half the battle with Winter training. Self-talk goes so far, but even the highly motivated need a gentle nudge when freezing temperatures prevail!

The problem with ‘gentle nudges’ of the energy drink variety is, however, that they tend to come with a side of aspartame and synthetic caffeine! Luckily, avoiding these ingredients is as easy as choosing Tenzing - the purest version to grace our shelves in recent years!! .

Tenzing contains hydrating Himalayan rock salt, anti-oxidising Indian Gooseberries and energising Guarana - a recipe that is based on a natural brew that the Sherpa people have been drinking for years. This clever mix of natural caffeine, electrolytes and anti-oxidants doesn’t just give a natural energy lift, it also provides all important hydration. One can, in fact, provides the 8 ounces that experts recommend drinking 20 to 30 minutes before exercising. When you are exercising in cold weather, hydration becomes all the more important, since the body continues to sweat, but it evaporates more quickly, so it can seem as though you are losing less water than you actually are. Even mild dehydration can affect energy and performance, and because the thirst sensation doesn't appear until we are already 1 or 2 percent dehydrated, this is one aspect of our training we should pay particular attention to in winter, when water consumption might naturally reduce. Sponsored by Tenzing

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