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Familiarity and comfort go hand in hand, so when something about our body or appearance changes, ‘the skin we’re in’ can suddenly feel like a strange place to be. Stretch marks, lines, wrinkles... they can all have this unsettling effect, presenting us with the challenge of having to adapt our confidence and self image to a whole 'new normal.' We’ll probably all have a few of these ‘new normals’ crop up in the course of our lifetime, often when we least expect it. Each time, there may be a tendency to lament about the ‘old me’ that’s been replaced. The ‘twenty something me. ‘The pre kids me.’ All the different incarnations which at the time, ironically, felt not as good as the last. The challenge of body confidence is therefore a complex one. One where the real competition is with ourselves. Learning to prefer what’s ‘normal’ to us NOW is a definite life skill, and one that is certainly being helped by the influx of more realistic body images (complete with lines, scars and stretch marks) in the media. At last, having ‘tiger stripes’ is not just ok.... it’s an empowering style statement! To champion the campaign for embracing your ‘new normal’, we’ve teamed up with Re-Gen Oil - an effective way to support your skin and your confidence as it adapts to life’s challenges. All of the products in the Re-Gen range contain the active, regenerative ingredient PCL Liquid™, which protects the skin from drying out and improves its natural elasticity. Together with Re-Gen Oil, we've put together some tips for bridging the gap between the ‘normals’, and avoiding the self-esteem fluctuations they can entail. It involves building up what’s known as a confidence contingency. That is, a reserve of mental notes, habits and practices you can draw on to sync your self-image to every hand you’re dealt!. This can be achieved by: 1️⃣Following more empowering accounts such as @grombre @winnieharlow and @lou_f_kenny, which teach the message to embrace beauty outside convention. 2️⃣Take the time to ‘touch base’ with your body - literally. This can involve a nourishing skin routine, massage... anything that brings you closer to your skin. 3️⃣Look at yourself in the mirror. Really look! Familiarity breeds comfort. 4️⃣Take the photo. Hindsight is often a good way of drawing attention to your power and beauty... and nothing sparks hindsight like a photo. 6️⃣Look at the bigger picture, and not the details. Stand back and peruse. Nobody looks at you at the proximity you do in the bathroom mirror. 7️⃣Join the campaign for more true to life body images and post a picture of your tiger stripes with the hashtag #stripesarethenewblack

We asked some of our favourite influencers to give their tips on feeling confident with stretch marks. Click the link below to read their advice:

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