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Do As I Do: could following a friend’s lead help to keep your fitness routine fresh?

When it comes to fitness, it’s all too easy to get stuck on the training treadmill - both literally and figuratively! We’ll go about our routines on repeat, often not realising we’ve hit a plateau until something (or someone) leads us to try something different. That someone, in many cases... is a friend! A friend with benefits, you could say, since they have a different skill set, motivation or energy that can bolster our own in times of need. Look within your friendship group, and no doubt you’ll find a myriad of different sports, disciplines and training methods personified. If they’re open to a shadow session or even partner training, there’s a lot you can learn and take from those closest to you. It might be one workout 'ingredient', a whole routine, or maybe just be an ounce of their vibe, energy or enthusiasm. Whichever way, you have nothing to lose. If you do decide to coordinate workouts, why not coordinate your activewear for an extra dose of camaraderie? Evveervital specialise in premium women’s fitness clothing, made from sustainable and comfortable fabrics that support and enhance all manner of training endeavours, from yoga to running, HIIT to weights! Their workout leggings and sports tops can also be mixed and matched (and borrowed), to help keep your wardrobe as fresh as your workouts! The ‘Do As I Do’ Challenge is a once a month goal that anyone can set themselves. It’s the commitment to join forces with a friend, and do as they do... if only for one workout. A change is, after all, just as good as a rest... and we all know how important that is!! Sponsored by Evveervital

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