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PALE & INTERESTING - why the future of beauty is no longer orange!

It’s safe to say that the tanning trend has had its day. Contrary to what the bronzed celebrity stereotype might imply, the future of beauty isn’t orange, but is actually bright, beautifully pale and infinitely interesting. The modern movement of being happy with our natural skin colour, and mindful of the dangers of sun exposure, is in stark contrast to the bronzed precedent of beauty set by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, when an accidental case of sunburn while holidaying in the French Riviera led the masses to begin aspiring towards darker skin tones. Such was the trend that 50% of Britons cited a tan as the single most important incentive for going on holiday by the year 2000. Fast forward to the present day, and we’re more likely to be exercising in the pool than lounging by it. Yes, holidays and summer have become more about the ‘grow’ (how we can physically feel better) and much less about the glow. Such is the thrill of chasing new opportunities for culture, fitness, health and learning compared to simply catching rays, that many more of us are starting to choose health and wellbeing retreats, as well as cultural breaks over traditional beach holidays. We might not return with a tan, but we’ll most certainly come home feeling healthier and more enriched. However, it’s still essential to ensure your skin is adequately protected when you’re making the most of the great outdoors this summer. This is the message from sun care brand Calypso , whose 50-strong product range has every aspect of sun care covered, from Scalp Protection and Sun-Sea Hair Protection to their popular Once a Day range. Ensuring more time is spent enjoying the summer months, Calypso’s Once a Day range allows for one thorough application, promising sun safety for the rest of the day. In addition to the Once a Day full-size bottles, ranging from SPF10 to SPF50+, Calypso also has a handy single application sachet, which is perfect for slipping into a pocket or beach bag when on the go. They are active after 15 minutes, and each sachet is 35ml, which is the ideal amount of sunscreen to use for adults. Sunscreen is something that we should all be applying throughout the year to protect our skin, but especially now as we head into the warmer seasons. So if you’re heading out for a run, or just enjoying some time outdoors, it’s worth making sunscreen application part of your daily ‘pro-pale’ skincare routine! Sponsored by Calypso

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