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CIRCUITS DU SOLEIL: Why outside circuit training is THE way to exercise this spring

You can’t beat a bit of circuit training for building strength, endurance... and for a general feel-good fitness fix. Circuits typically involve carrying out six or more different exercises for a set number of repetitions or minutes, with a short rest period in between. In a gym environment, it makes for an energetic, effective and satisfying workout. Performed outside, you can expect this and more besides, all thanks to the health-promoting benefits of a bit of fresh air and sunshine (just don’t forget the sunscreen!) If you’re wondering what, how and where to jump on the outdoor circuits bandwagon... look no further than one of the 1800 local, outdoor gyms established by Fresh Air Fitness across the UK. Fresh Air Fitness provide fully inclusive outdoor fitness equipment which offers a variety of physical benefits, from cardio and muscle strength building, to flexibility and toning.The company have worked with a vast range of companies, organisations and associations, to successfully install outdoor gyms into parks, schools, public spaces and recreation areas.Who knows, there might be one round the corner from where you live? (We found the one pictured at Holstpur Recreation Ground in Beaconsfield).

If you don’t happen to have a local Fresh Air Fitness gym, there are plenty of ‘no equipment’ circuit solutions you can do in your garden or local park. You can build yourself an effective circuit with some basic exercises such as push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, lunges, mountain climbers and burpees. Then, all you’ll need are some trainers, a timer, and perhaps a friend or two to join in the fun! Sponsored by Fresh Air Fitness

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