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No Make Up in May: How to master the art of bare faced confidence

There was a time not so long ago, when the prospect of venturing out without any make up ‘armoury’ was but the stuff of social nightmares! This was before the ‘bare face movement’ of today had gathered pace, back when beauty and identity where still largely (and widely) shackled to the make up industry. Fast forward to the present day, however, and there is less onus on what beauty tools we can BUY, and more on the tools we can harness from within. This latest version of ‘putting your face on’ requires just a few basic, intrinsic beauty essentials (positivity, self-assurance, self-worth...) that some advocates would say are as effective as any concealer or foundation at helping us look, feel and BE the part! Some dub this trend the #NoMakeupRevolution, but it’s not so much of a snub to cosmetics industry per se. Quite the contrary, in fact, as all the statistics point towards a flourishing beauty industry. What is emerging, instead, is a new dynamic based on a ‘want’ for make up and not a need. The desire to find joy in creating new, fresh and dramatic looks, but equally comfort in coming ‘home’ to the original. So, how is it possible to fully embrace the bare face movement, and perhaps break the make-up habits of a lifetime? ‘No make up selfies’ may well epitomise the trend, but many would argue that this is only half the picture! The true test of being comfortable without makeup is being able to STEP OUT without second thought into the spotlight of societal stares, in what is undeniably your rawest and most vulnerable state. The theory goes that while it takes some courage initially, each ‘no make up outing’ has such a subtle psychological effect, that we eventually become desensitized to the feelings of anxiety and vulnerability is triggers. Equally, we also gradually become accustomed to our no make up look as our ‘new normal’, which in itself paves the way for comfort and familiarity. The ‘how to’ of going make-up free There is a two pronged approach to taking this first leap into no make up freedom, and the first is getting comfortable with your skin. The second lies in finding a new routine to fulfil the ritualistic role once played by make up, which is a large part of how it prepares the mental mindset. Luckily, these two goals go hand in hand: Adopting a more in-depth skincare process fills the mascara shaped void that has suddenly opened up in your morning routine, and not only does all this extra buffing, cleansing and moisturising help you FEEL ready to face the day, it also works wonders on your skin 'canvas'.

There is a theory that it takes 21 days for this new routine to become habit, and to become accustomed to our new, make up free face, so we set about trialling a 3 week ‘prep and prime’ routine using the amazing Tamaar Skincare range. Their products have been clinically proven to provide a safe, natural solution to commonly found skin problems such as hyper pigmentation, acne, ageing skin, dry skin and Eczema. Among the key natural ingredient are Tamarind Seed Extract, Date Palm Extract, Kefir Milk Probiotics and Turmeric Root Extract, which help to support skin’s natural defence system.

Combining these nourishing and corrective actions with the ‘breathability’ aspect of wearing no make up is a positive step towards a clearer, brighter complexion without make up. Add to the equation the likes of weekly face masks and regular exfoliation (we love the Foreo Luna Mini cleanser) and this routine has all the makings of a new beginning in skin confidence. As for make up substitutes, you can’t beat some basic sheen-providing products (we love Egyptian Magic Cream) on the lips, eye lids and cheek bones for a hint of natural radiance... with not a gloss, shadow or blusher in sight!

If you’re keen to join in on the No Make Up in May action, you can find more details on the Olivia Foundation website. Sponsored by Tamaar Skincare

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